About Mark Nelson, Director of Photography

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I’m an experienced director of photography (dp) with an expertise in corporate videography (sales, marketing, infomercials and broadcast production). A San Diego native who has traveled across the country and world (from Iceland to Germany to Costa Rica and Australia), I’ve shot a lot of action sports including a lot of mountain biking, car racing, and skiing as well as golf. I cut my teeth as a media specialist at Scripps Clinic 15 years ago and moved on to broaden my skills and continue to work on a lot of medical projects for medical device companies, pharmaceutical, biotech and high tech companies and shoots for ad agencies and health and lifestyle production (fitness videos) and programming for the home improvement industry.

My dad was an engineer and taught me to enjoy solving technical problems. The longer I work as a dp in Southern California and beyond, the more sophisticated my approach to lighting. I focus on craftsmanship in the productions I work on and own a range of lighting gear to help me execute well in a variety of lighting conditions. I also work on projects that require higher production values and a more measured pace.

My crews are nimble, and focused on creating attractive, stylish images that meet client goals. It’s also important for us to have good chemistry. I want customers to leave knowing that we have worked hard to fulfill their vision for each project and satisfied with the result. At the same time, we want to keep the experience on location pleasant and relaxed for all involved. I feel just as comfortable as a technical director for a live national sales meeting as I do working with a field production crew as a director of photography for a corporate shoot or broadcast gig with a large crew. No matter what hurdles we face, I hope all my customers enjoy the process and want to build a long-term relationship. I enjoy challenges. Let me take a crack at your next project and make it look great!